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Our aim is to advocate for participatory policy-making processes that are equitable, accessible, and significant by sharing what we’ve learned about the possibilities for co-governance through participatory democracy.

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A Community-led Recovery: ARPA Funds in Central Falls, RI

A group started VOCES CON PODER in Central Falls, RI, to use participatory democracy practices to allocate ARPA funds in their community.
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A Community-led Recovery: ARPA Funds in Oregon

Youth Voice Youth Vote PB (YV2 PB) was launched in Oregon in 2022 to use participatory democracy practices to allocate ARPA funds.
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Participatory Policy-Making Learning Exchange

This graphic presents a vision for participatory policy-making rooted in equity, accessibility, and significance. It's the result of a learning exchange event the Democracy Beyond Elections coalition convened.
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Tools for Virtual Engagement

This brief offers considerations for making virtual decision-making processes accessible and equitable throughout and beyond the COVID-19 era. It also highlights several platforms and tools used to facilitate digital engagement and participation.
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A Community-led Recovery: How to Use Participatory Budgeting for American Rescue Plan Funding

This booklet provides information on how your community can and must have a say in American Rescue Plan Fund Allocation.
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Democracy Beyond Elections

This one-pager gives an overview of what Democracy Beyond Elections (DBE) is providing goals and solutions to deepen participatory democracy.
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Participatory Policy-making

This one-pager gives an overview of what participatory policy-making (PPM) is, why it is a useful tool, the working group that developed the PPM model, and an overview of the steps in the process.
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“Where We Live NYC:” The NYC Fair Housing Assessment

In 2018, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) collaborated with dozens of other government agencies, community-based partners, and consultants to launch “Where We Live NYC.”
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Community-Driven Zoning and Development in Chicago’s 35th Ward

When Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa took office in 2015, he initiated a six-month long process to restructure the way zoning and development decisions were made in Chicago’s 35th Ward.
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Washington CAN’s Good Cause Eviction Policy

Washington Community Action Network (Washington CAN) is the largest member-based, grassroots community organization in the state of Washington that is working to achieve racial, gender, and economic equity.
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